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Your donation goes directly into our daily work – and thus into the diversity of opinion in our democracy. We work every day to ensure that people are not pushed out of public discourse by perpetrators.

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What can you achieve with your donation?

You enable counselling & acute help for affected people

Your donation enables lawyers to be appointed for affected persons

You finance the legal costs for those affected

Your contribution enables us to carry out studies on digital violence

You support us in educating politicians and the judiciary about the dangers of digital violence and in raising awareness for it

You support the development of innovations and solutions for democracy in the digital space

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HateAid is a member of the „Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (ITZ)“. In our current transparency report (only available in German language) you can you can find all important information about our organisation.

How your donation can make a difference



will fund telephone counselling for one hour



will finance the initial legal work on a typical case



will finance the software equipment of one employee for one year



will fund a policy paper on a topic relevant to legal policy

Affected people in emergency situations need your solidarity – donate now so that we can help quickly and unbureaucratically.

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Digital violence affects us all

Digital violence affects us all Especially people who are affected by discrimination in other areas of everyday life. And even more so as soon as they take a stand online – for their concerns. Or the needs and viewpoints of others.

HateAid stands up to protect this freedom of expression. We are convinced that freedom of expression is a great good. However, it also has its limits. Pointing out these limits is important so that everyone can express their opinions free from fear of hate and incitement.

And in doing so, HateAid ultimately helps us all: if people are not silenced, if disinformation cannot be spread, the internet becomes a place where equal participation is made possible for all.

Your donation helps

87% of our income is used for appropriate purposes and thus goes directly to counselling, education, campaigning and law enforcement. Click here to find out more about how we use our finances (German only).

What exactly do we do?
  • We advise new clients every day – and have already supported over 2,700 private clients.
  • We help with legal costs – digital violence victims have filed over 1,000 criminal charges with our support.
  • We run weekly workshops on digital privacy, evidence gathering and community management, sharing our knowledge with other NGOs, law enforcement, political parties and businesses.
  • We keep over 66,000 followers up to date on hate on the internet on our social media channels.
  • We conduct analyses on hate and disinformation campaigns and provide them to top media and news agencies such as Reuters.
  • We stand up for the rights of victims of digital violence in court: in Germany, we participate in digital policy legislative processes to improve the legal framework for those affected. We are conducting a landmark case against Facebook and have even gone as far as the Federal Constitutional Court.. Further lawsuits are in the pipeline to strengthen users’ rights.
  • At EU level, we are supporting the implementation of the Digital Services Act and are pushing forward a directive on gender-based digital violence. In this way, we ensure that the rights of those affected are heard.

In 2021, only 13.3% of our income was donations, which we are free to use. By 2025, we aim to double our income from unrestricted donations to offset funding shortfalls and be more agile in responding to emerging issues.

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No matter whether you want to make a targeted one-off donation or regular ones: your donation makes all the difference. Every euro counts and ensures that we can continue our work in the future!

Compared with incalculable individual amounts, regular donations are of advantage for us because we can plan with them and use them as needed. In this way, you help us to strengthen democracy in the digital space sustainably in the long term.

Not for you! We cover the transaction costs incurred by the payment service providers PayPal and Stripe (credit card). That’s why we have defined an upper limit of 2,000 euros for these payment service providers.

The most cost-effective way for us is if you pay by direct debit.

So far we have not applied for a donation seal. However, we are a member of “Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (ITZ)”, an initiative by Transparency International Deutschland e.V.. In our current transparency report you can find all important information about our organisation (only available in German).

Your donation via the online form is transmitted in encrypted form and is therefore as secure as e.g. online banking.

Of course you can change your personal data, your payment method and the amount of your financial support at any time. Simply contact our team at

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Account holder: HateAid

IBAN: DE04 4306 0967 1231 5982 03


Bank: GLS Bank

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